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As we monitor the COVID-19 situation, we will remain open for emergencies only while following strict guidelines to ensure your safety. If you have an emergency, message or call our practice today.

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To serve your urgent needs, our practice will remain open for emergency cases. We will be temporarily postponing elective procedures. Our team will continue to provide a safe, sterile environment for patients by cleaning and sanitizing our practice on a regular basis, providing hand sanitizer to patients, and cleaning each area thoroughly after use. 

If you have an emergency, you can call our office or send us a message. 

"It Is Their Pleasure to Serve Us"

A Testimonial from Walter and Rita


In this dentist review, patients Rita and Walter explain what impresses them about Newport Family Dental Care, PLLC. Rita appreciates the patient education. Walter takes comfort in knowing that they provide a wide range of treatments all in one office.

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Rita: We've been coming here for 40 years, when Dr. Sutton first opened this office. We've been here all that time. I really like both Dr. Suttons. Of course, I came to Dr. David Sutton first, but I feel that we are in a partnership to take care of my teeth. I feel they do everything they can to help me keep my teeth healthy. My mom had dentures by the time she was my age, and I still have all my teeth. So I feel like I come, they give me help. They show me what I can do to improve my dental health. Walter: I had to have a special root canal. Dr. Sutton Sr. sent me to Knoxville to a specialist. Then, when I had to go back for my checkup, I came back here, and he said, "Now next time this happens, you'll be treated here because we are getting certified in all those procedures." And that's what I like, I don't have to now go someplace else. Both Dr. Suttons have stayed up to, I say, par with the practice so that we do not have to go to other specialists in this manner. It seems like it is their pleasure to serve us, that they're just not here to process you though, dealing with your teeth, or whatever problem. We come in, and they'll asked us, have we been on another trip? They remember who we are personally. When they say family, that's what they mean. It is. It's family, like when you walk through the door, you get greeted. You don't just have to go sit down. They may be busy, but they always have the time to say hi or to smile at you. And when you go away, you feel like you have visited your family.