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Ozone Safely Kills Harmful Bacteria

We Use Ozone for Many Dental Procedures


Ozone is a gas that safely kills harmful microorganisms. At Newport Family Dental Care in Newport, TN, our dentists use ozone to treat gum disease, tooth decay, and more. Ozone is a conservative treatment that prevents many common dental complications.

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Ozone treatments is a very conservative way of treating many medical problems and many dental problems. Ozone is not a drug. It's a natural form of oxygen. And because of that, there's no toxicity to it. There's no overdose of it, and it's perfectly safe. Think about it. What's the two most important things in life? It's oxygen and water. And you know what the byproducts of ozone is? Oxygen and water. Most of the time our dental problems that we're treating are infectious in nature. It's the microorganisms that cause tooth decay. It's microorganisms that cause that death of the tooth where you need a root canal. It's microorganisms that cause gum disease and gum infections. It causes tooth loss of that. And ozone kills them all. Ozone treatments here that we use on a regular basis is, first of all, we keep our waterlines pristine clean with ozone. We can use ozone on a daily basis for extractions. When you ozonate or insufflated ozone in an extracted socket, it will almost immediately stop the bleeding. It also kills all the bacteria down in the socket. And you have very few post-op problems like dry sockets, and infections, and post-op pain for days or even weeks after extraction. So ozone's pretty much near eliminated that. We also use ozone in the treatment of gum disease where we'll actually insufflate the pockets with ozone to kill the bacteria down in the pockets.