Available for Emergencies Only to Better Serve the Community During the Covid-19 Crisis

As we monitor the COVID-19 situation, we will remain open for emergencies only while following strict guidelines to ensure your safety. If you have an emergency, message or call our practice today.

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To serve your urgent needs, our practice will remain open for emergency cases. We will be temporarily postponing elective procedures. Our team will continue to provide a safe, sterile environment for patients by cleaning and sanitizing our practice on a regular basis, providing hand sanitizer to patients, and cleaning each area thoroughly after use. 

If you have an emergency, you can call our office or send us a message. 

"I Look Forward to Helping My Patients"

Meet Dr. David Sutton


Dr. David Sutton has practiced dentistry in Newport, TN, since 1979. He genuinely enjoys his job and loves helping patients achieve excellent oral health. He also enjoys training the next generation of dentists.

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My name is Dr. David Hughes Sutton. I practice dentistry, general dentistry, here in Newport, Tennessee. Graduated from the University of Tennessee in Memphis in 1979, so I'm in my 40th year now of practicing dentistry. Dentistry became a focal point in my life in college. It came about because my parents encouraged me to become a dentist. It's because I enjoy working with my hands and helping people. And the truth is, in college, I saw a need for having dentists here in Newport. As soon as I graduated from dental school, I came to Newport, purchased this practice from Dr. Martin Lunsford, and been working here ever since. Over the years, I've had other associates working here as well, and the last associate I have is my son, which hopefully will be the last associate I have, and I really enjoy working with him and sharing all the information I've gathered in dentistry over the last 40 years. The favorite part about working with patients here in Newport is just helping them getting to a better health. That's my favorite part. As far as procedures go, I enjoy them all. I've been practicing dentistry, as I said, for 40 years, and the truth is that I look forward to still practicing a number of years, and it's simply because, to me, coming here is not work. It's something I enjoy doing, it's entertaining, and I help people, and I look forward to learning to the next new thing that's available in dentistry to help my patients get better dental health. And so, I just look forward to helping my patients any way I can getting better health.