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In this biomimetic dentistry testimonial, James explains that his teeth were damaged by grinding. Dr. Sutton used biomimetic dentistry to restore his smile. He says the results have given him an increased feeling of confidence.

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It had been a while since we have been to a dentist, and we had just recently moved here to Tennessee. And we thought, you know, we better get ourselves a dentist. And so we checked around. My neighbors recommended Newport Family Dentistry. And so, anyway, we made an appointment and we came in. We had our teeth cleaned. And so, right then and there, they start saying, you know, about a program and how they can fix our teeth. At night, I grind my teeth and I had just nubs basically. And Dr. Sutton, he had a program about how to make my teeth longer, biomimetics, and it worked great. I didn't have a smile at that time. And now, I have a smile. You know, I have my teeth back, people notice it, and so I'm quite pleased. I didn't think my smile was very important at all, honestly. You know, I'd smile and all you would see would be my . . . since my teeth were so thin or nubs, you could say, when I smiled, they would just be . . . you'd see my lips basically. And now, when I smile, even my barber noticed it. You know, I came in and she made a joke, and I started laughing. And she said, "Wow," you know. She noticed my teeth. And that's the first person that . . . you know, brought that to my attention. Newport Family Dental, I would highly recommend them. They're very well-schooled, very high tech. It was, like, right away, you know, "We need to put you guys on a program. This is what we recommend." You know, it was up to us. And just for that, you know, I think they're great.

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