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Alternatives to Crowns and Root Canals

Biomimetic Dentistry


The dentists at Newport Family Dental Care in Newport, TN, are proud practitioners of biomimetic dentistry. Biomimetic dentistry focuses on treating teeth with biocompatible materials that mimic natural tooth structure and function. Biomimetic dentistry is often a less invasive and more conservative alternative to traditional dental treatments.

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Biomimetic dentistry is a mouth full of a word. But really, what it comes down into is bio-emulating. So bio-mimicking, you know? So what we do differently than traditional dentistry is we take only the sick parts of the tooth away. And replace them with biomechanical or bio-mimicking and biocompatible materials that mimic the way natural tooth structure moves and operates. The difference in traditional dentistry is we didn't have those materials. We didn't have those techniques to minimally take away. So it was more of amputation dentistry. My patients love biomimetic dentistry because it avoids a lot of the needs for crowns and root canals. So that means less dentistry. I've yet to see a patient that argues with less drilling and filling in their mouth is a bad thing, you know? So that's why patients truly enjoy biomimetic dentistry. But really, it comes down that you get to keep more of what you have. As doctors, our main goal is to get your body back to a position where it can heal, okay? And it's able . . . We're able to change the environment of the tooth to where it can heal. If you've been told that you need a crown, or cap, and root canal, you really should seek a second opinion with a biomimetic dentist to see if there is an alternative to that root canal or crown. There might be a less invasive way to treat that tooth.