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As we monitor the COVID-19 situation, we will remain open for emergencies only while following strict guidelines to ensure your safety. If you have an emergency, message or call our practice today.

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To serve your urgent needs, our practice will remain open for emergency cases. We will be temporarily postponing elective procedures. Our team will continue to provide a safe, sterile environment for patients by cleaning and sanitizing our practice on a regular basis, providing hand sanitizer to patients, and cleaning each area thoroughly after use. 

If you have an emergency, you can call our office or send us a message. 

"Dentures Give Your Confidence Back"

We Offer Full and Partial Dentures


The dentists at Newport Family Dental Care in Newport, TN, provide both partial and full dentures. Dentures can give patients a confident smile and the ability to once again eat healthy foods. Immediate dentures can be fitted and placed in just one appointment.

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Dentures are a way to replace missing teeth, whether it be few teeth or all the teeth in the mouth. And that's really the difference between a full denture and a partial denture. Dentures can be something that is removable or something that is fixed. Anybody that is missing multiple teeth is a good candidate for a denture. So some benefits to a denture, it's a much quicker way to replace multiple teeth. It's less time, usually in the dental office, and dentures do have great aesthetic results for the patient. So a lot of patients choose dentures over other ways of replacing teeth, such as dental implants or bridges, just for the convenience and the time in the dental chair. The main health benefits to dentures are the ability to eat and chew the foods that you need to eat to be healthy. So, if you're missing teeth, or you don't have any teeth, you are severely limited or handicapped on the foods you can eat. So a lot of the healthy foods that require you to chew, crunch, and grind are almost impossible if you don't have any teeth or you're missing large areas of teeth or multiple teeth. So, by replacing those areas by either a full denture or a partial denture, you're able to eat and chew and eat those healthy foods that allow you to be a healthy individual. Dentures are a very good and cost-effective way for patients to replace worn or broken down dentition. They allow a patient to gain their confidence back. They allow a patient to be able to eat and chew foods they weren't before. There are . . . A lot of our patients are reluctant or worried about the idea of dentures because they think they might have to go without teeth. One very, very important thing I think people need to understand, there are things such as immediate dentures that allow you to leave the office with a very aesthetic, very nice-looking set of teeth.