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Achieve a Beautiful and Balanced Smile with Traditional Orthodontics

Traditional orthodontics, offered at our Newport, TN, dental practice, is not only a solution for correcting misaligned teeth, but also a preventative treatment that Dr. David Sutton provides for patients in Sevierville and East Tennessee.

Orthodontics Can Help Prevent:

  • Misalignment of the Jaw
  • Abnormal wear and tear of the teeth
  • TMJ problems
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Aesthetic concerns

Image of metal braces

Why Choose Adult Braces?

There are many treatments available for achieving beautiful, straight teeth. Here are some of the reasons to choose adult braces over alternative treatments:

  • To achieve the healthiest smile possible
  • To increase self-confidence
  • To enhance self-image
  • To ensure proper bite alignment
  • To prevent teeth from shifting in the future

Adult Orthodontics in Sevierville and East Tennessee

While many people seek out orthodontic treatment to achieve a beautiful looking smile, there are some less obvious reasons to see an orthodontist. Crooked teeth can be difficult to maintain and can lead to tooth decay or gum disease. Malpositioned teeth can also cause misalignment of the jaw, which in turn can place stress on certain areas of the mouth and wear down the tooth surface. Some orthodontic issues such as overcrowding, a protruding upper or lower lip, and jaw growth problems can be corrected with orthodontic procedures. Undergoing these types of procedures at the right time can offset some of the costs associated with addition care needed to manage dental complications from crooked or misaligned teeth. 

How Adult Braces Work

Adult braces are designed to place gentle force upon the teeth in a controlled direction so that the teeth slowly move to the correct position. Today’s options for adult braces include clear or metallic braces made with metal, ceramic, or plastic. The wires are less noticeable than they used to be and minimal materials are needed to straighten the teeth quickly with little discomfort.

Treatment Duration

The duration of treatment varies by patient but typically runs between 12 and 30 months. Severity of the problem, the patient’s age, and other factors play a role in how long the patient needs to wear braces. 

Oral Hygiene with Adult Braces

Patients must be diligent with their oral hygiene routine so that they are removing plaque and bacteria around the wires, brackets, and bands. This can prevent tooth decay, tooth staining, and gum infections.

It is never too late to seek treatment for misaligned or crooked teeth with braces. For more information about adult orthodontics in Sevierville, TN, set up your appointment with Dr. Sutton today!