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Root Canal

When a cavity spreads bacteria to the inner chamber of your tooth, it can cause intense pain and lead to further dental and medical issues.

A root canal at Newport Family Dental Care can eliminate the infection and save your tooth from extraction before the problem progresses.

Our dentists in Newport, TN, can perform virtually painless root canal treatment to end your pain and restore the health of your tooth.

What Is a Root Canal, Exactly?

Everyone has heard of a root canal, but not everyone understands how this procedure actually works or when you might need it.

When a cavity is left untreated, the bacteria can infiltrate the inner part of your tooth, which contains soft pulp, blood vessels, and dental nerves that extend down the root canals. This is a root canal infection, and it can cause intense pain, the growth of dental abscesses, the spread of the infection to other parts of the body, and even the risk of losing your tooth. Root canal infections need to be addressed quickly.

Root canal treatment is performed by a dentist or endodontist, a specialist in dentistry that focuses on conditions of the dental pulp. During the procedure, they eliminate bacteria from the inner tooth by removing the diseased pulp, blood vessels, and dental nerves. The dentist or endodontist then seals the chamber and fits the tooth with a dental crown to provide structural support and restore function.

Dental Implants Fill the Gaps in Your Smile After Tooth Extraction

A dentist or endodontist will do everything they can to save a natural tooth during a root canal. However, if the infection has sufficiently weakened the tooth, this may not be possible. Fortunately, we offer implant dentistry services as well. We can place a dental implant and fit it with an implant-supported crown to support the strength of your jawbone and restore the appearance and function of your bite after extraction.

Your Comfort Comes First We Offer Sedation

The developments in modern dentistry mean that a root canal is not the uncomfortable procedure many patients imagine it to be. However, we understand that some patients may still have some reservations about root canal treatment. If you feel especially anxious before your procedure, we have sedation options available. You can choose either oral or nitrous sedation, which can both help you achieve a deep state of relaxation that ensures you'll feel nothing at all during your root canal. 

At Newport Family Dental Care, the comfort of our patients is our number-one priority. Get in touch with our dentists by sending our Newport, TN, practice a message online or by calling: 

(423) 623-1307

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ALWAYS,friendly and on spot with explaining an very professional! Would recommended them to anyone who needs dental procedure, cleaning anything to do with dental procedures. Great job guys!!

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A Closer Look At the Root Canal Procedure

A dentist or endodontist can perform an effective root canal with minimal pain or discomfort. During your treatment at our Newport, TN, practice, your dentist will:

Day of Procedure

Apply Local Anesthesia

The treatment area will be thoroughly numbed before your dentist begins work. If you need extra help relaxing during the procedure, you can receive oral or nitrous sedation as well.

Create an Access Point

Your dentist will make a small opening in the crown of your tooth to provide access to the pulp in the inner chamber.

Remove the Infected Material

Working through the opening, your dentist will remove the diseased pulp, nerves, and blood vessels.

Fill the Tooth

The inner chamber and root canals will be sanitized, and the pulp will be replaced with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha.

Place a Dental Crown

Your tooth will be fit a protective crown that will provide necessary structural support and restore your appearance.

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Newport Family Dental has the most accommodating and friendly staff! Their knowledge is impressive plus the state of the art equipment is like no other. Wouldn't dream of changing dentists!

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Staff and service are great. Met my needs and any concerns are addressed quickly Dental treatments are modern and when I had an urgent issue I was seen asap..

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