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Laser Dentistry

Gum disease, excess gum tissue, and other dental concerns don't always need to be treated with surgery.

Laser dentistry is just as effective as traditional surgical methods and can effectively address your concerns with minimal pain.

Newport Family Dental Care, PLLC in Newport, TN, can use laser dentistry to perform a range of treatments with greater comfort.

Laser Dentistry Offers Many Benefits

Thanks to modern advancements in dentistry and the commitment of Drs. David Sutton, Joseph Sutton, and Hannah Yi to continuing education, the laser dentistry procedures offered at our Newport, TN, office help improve patient comfort and deliver stunning results. Patients choose laser dentistry because it offers:

Gentle Treatment

Before patients undergo dental treatment, they often worry about the pain that may accompany it. Lasers are gentle and considerably less invasive than surgical means. Laser treatment is often so comfortable that we don't even need to use local anesthesia or prescribe pain medication.

Fast Appointments

Your dentist's use of laser technology can shorten your appointment time, as lasers are easy to use and can address more dental concerns in one visit than traditional methods. Patients can benefit from laser dentistry appointments that fit comfortably into their busy schedules.

Nonsurgical Means

If you have dental phobias, you may be concerned about having to undergo surgery. Lasers offer a nonsurgical alternative for many treatments and eliminate the need for needles, drills, and sutures. You can receive effective results without undergoing surgery.

Precise Care

We practice biomimetic dentistry, which aims to preserve as much of the natural tooth structure as possible. Laser technology is precise and only targets the treatment area, leaving healthy tissue unharmed and unaltered.

Quick Recovery

Laser dentistry sterilizes the treatment area as it works, lowering your risk of post-op infections and lending to a faster healing time. Patients experience less bleeding and swelling with dental lasers and can resume their normal activities more quickly.

Receive Gentle Treatment Request an Appointment With Our Newport Team

If you have a dental concern but don't want to undergo surgery that can be painful and result in a lengthy recovery time, ask our dentists about laser dentistry. This revolutionary technology can effectively address many dental concerns while resulting in minimal side effects.

If you're ready to explore the possibility of gentle, nonsurgical treatment, request an appointment with us by filling out our consultation form or calling our Newport, NJ, office: 

(423) 623-1307

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Best dentist office in the east Tennessee area. Newport family dental takes pride in preventative care and truly wants to keep your natural teeth and gums as healthy as possible .My family has been going there for decades and wouldn't even consider going anywhere else.Also, this facility keeps state of the art equipment and practices all the time . I highly recommend this dentist office .

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My 1st time to a dentist in 30 years and what a shocker. The technology in dental care has grown by leaps and bounds and I wish our government ran as efficiently and friendly as this place. Great dental care where the patient is #1.

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Paying for Your Dental Care At Our Newport Practice

Laser dentistry is often covered by insurance, and our office accepts most insurances. We also have an in-office Smile Saver Plan in which patients can receive the preventive care they need and a 15% discount on all procedures for just $33 a month. Patients can also upgrade to our Smile Saver Perio Plan upon completion of periodontal treatment. This plan costs $63 a month and will help you maintain your oral health after gum disease treatment.

Laser Dentistry for the Treatment of Gum Disease

Dr. Sutton uses gentle laser dentistry to eliminate unhealthy gum tissue and regenerate bone and connective tissues.

Understanding LANAP

We use the Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure, or LANAP®, to treat gum disease. LANAP allows us to save teeth that would otherwise have to be surgically removed by:

  • Removing affected gum tissue
  • Stimulating the regeneration of gum and bone tissues
  • Encouraging healthy gum reattachment to teeth

If you have periodontal disease and do not want to deal with the pain associated with traditional gum surgery, talk with Dr. Sutton about LANAP for treating periodontal disease.

Treating Gum Disease With LANAP How Your Procedure Will Look

If you need to treat gum disease, your dental appointment will involve several steps:

Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile for life. Our dentists work hard to ensure that all of our procedures are as comfortable, gentle, and relaxing as possible.
Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile for life. Our dentists work hard to ensure that all of our procedures are as comfortable, gentle, and relaxing as possible.

Pocket Measurement

Your dentist will use a small ruler to measure the depths of your periodontal pockets in millimeter increments. This will determine how much loss of gum attachment has occurred.

Bacteria Removal

A pulsed light laser will be passed over the area to remove diseased tissue and kill bacteria that are causing gum disease. Healthy tissue remains untouched, making this a much more comfortable process for the patient.

Calculus Removal

Calculus, or tartar, will be removed from the root surfaces of the teeth using ultrasonic scaling instruments.

Clot Forms

The laser will be passed over the treated area a second time to stimulate the tissue, root, and bone so a blood clot forms and triggers the healing process.

Tissue Compressed

The tissue will be recompressed against the surfaces of the teeth without the need for stitches.

Bite Adjustment

Dr. Sutton can gently adjust your bite so your teeth do not become damaged or shifted as the tissue around them regenerates. This is especially important for areas with bone loss.

The Dangers of Delaying Treatment

When left untreated, gum disease and cavities can cause uncomfortable symptoms and further damage, like:

  • Pain and sensitivity
  • Abscesses and other infections
  • Additional cavities
  • Gum recession
  • Jawbone deterioration
  • Loose teeth
  • Tooth loss
  • Cardiovascular problems

Prompt treatment can protect your oral health, save you money, and allow you to live free of dental pain. Our Newport dentists are happy to work with you so you can get the treatment you need quickly.

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Newport Family Dental Care

Newport Family Dental Care

The experienced dental team at Newport Family Dental Care provides a wide range of treatments. Our dentists are affiliated with a number of highly respected professional associations, including:

  • Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry
  • American Academy for Oral Systemic Health
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists

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