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Dental Crowns

A damaged, decayed, or infected tooth can be painful and start a cascade of expensive oral health problems if left untreated.

Drs. Joseph Sutton, David Sutton, and Hannah Yi can repair your tooth and restore your health in a single appointment with a dental crown.

Learn how our sophisticated techniques in Newport, TN, restore your smile and oral health quickly.

Dental Crowns in Just One Appointment? That is Correct!

CEREC Same-Day Technology 

No one wants to waste time at the dentist's office. And now you don't have to thanks to our CEREC® same-day technology. Our advanced CEREC system allows us to craft and place a custom dental crown in about an hour saving you the hassle of multiple appointments and temporary crowns. Make your life a little easier by scheduling same-day crown treatment at our Newport office today.

The precision of our computer-guided milling technology allows us to create a custom crown that will match the color and luster of your natural teeth and give you a comfortable bite.

Do I Need A Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are a versatile solution to a wide range of tooth problems:

Structural Damage

Fractures, breaks, and chips in your enamel can threaten the structural integrity of your tooth. When the damage is more than a cosmetic concern, a dental crown will act as a layer of protective armor over the tooth. 

Tooth Decay

Plaque and tartar are bacteria-rich substances that eat away at enamel causing tooth decay. While minor cavities can be treated with a filling, a more extensive decay may require a crown to strengthen the entire tooth. 


When bacteria builds up in the tooth's inner chamber you can develop a root canal infection. After removing the infected pulp, we will fill the canal, and cap the tooth with a crown for reinforcement. 

Missing Teeth

A single missing tooth can be restored with a dental implant that acts as an artificial tooth root. The dental implant is capped with a custom-made porcelain crown that looks and feels identical to a natural tooth. 

Suspect A Dental Problem? Make An Appointment Today

Pain, temperature sensitivity, swelling, and gum redness are all symptoms of a dental problem that may require a crown.

If you notice any abnormalities in your oral health it is important to schedule an appointment at Newport Family Dental Care right away. Many conditions are easy to fix early on but become more difficult to treat as they progress.

Once decay and infection reach a certain point, you may lose your tooth altogether. Don't let a small problem get out of hand. Restore your health and comfort by scheduling an appointment at our Newport practice today.

We keep spots open in our appointment book so we are available if tooth decay has turned into a dental emergency. If you have questions, leave us a message and we will get back to you. Or contact our Newport practice by calling:

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When you face oral health issues, our dentists will take the time to explain your options so that you feel confident deciding on dental care.

"Everyone worked together and I could not have felt
any happier And relaxed than I was"
5-Star Reviews


Barbarba Murphy


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I was very happy,pleased, everyone was so happy and pleasant and smiling and talking to me and made me feel like I was a friend that they new. Everyone worked together and I could not have felt any happier And relaxed than I was. Thank everyone for me.

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Waylon Arrowood


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This dentist office has taken care of my teeth all my life and I highly recommend them. If you listen to them all you will have to do is get couple cleanings a year and brush and floss regularly ( a dentist that is glad to see a clean healthy check up) they always have the best equipment too

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What Happens During Treatment?

If you need a crown because of a large cavity, our dentist will first remove the decayed portion of the tooth and then shape the remaining structure to accept a protective dental crown.

Take A Closer Look At Same-Day Treatment

After one of our dentists examines your teeth and determines you need a dental crown, you may be given the option of same-day treatment. If you require or prefer a traditional crown, our Newport practice can accommodate your needs. Here's what you can expect  when we create a crown for you using our CEREC technology:

All of our dentists are highly trained and each has more than 10 years of experience in dentistry.

Day of Procedure

All of our dentists are highly trained and each has more than 10 years of experience in dentistry.

Prepare Teeth

We begin by addressing the source of your dental condition, by removing decayed potions of the tooth and treating infection. In some cases, we may perform a root canal to remove bacteria from the tooth's inner chamber. 


Next, we scan your teeth, taking mess-free digital impressions. We use this 3D picture of your smile to design your custom crown to your precise specifications. 


The designs are immediately sent to our in-office CEREC milling machine eliminating the need for a temporary crown. In about an hour, the machine will have carved your permanent crown from a solid block of porcelain ceramic.


When your dental crown is ready we will place it over your natural tooth to check the quality and fit. After making any necessary adjustments your dentist will bond the restoration to the enamel with a long-lasting dental cement. 

Do You Have Questions?

What About Implant-Supported Crowns To Replace a Missing Tooth?

Dental implant treatment looks much different than a standard dental crown procedure. Since we are replacing the underlying tooth root with an implant, you will first undergo a surgical procedure to position the implant in your jaw.  Over the next few months, the implant fuses with the bone tissue and becomes a permanent part of your oral anatomy. Once the implant is secure, we will attach a crown to complete your treatment. Learn more about the bone-preserving benefits of this cutting-edge treatment.

Are There Any Benefits to Traditional Crowns?

While CEREC same-day restorations are undoubtedly the most convenient option, patients may still want to consider the traditional alternative. Traditional dental crowns are crafted by specially trained technicians at our partner dental lab. They are hand-made with artisan techniques to produce natural-looking aesthetics. We can also have them crafted from a wider variety of materials such as porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-metal, depending on your needs. 

Since it takes a few weeks to make a custom porcelain crown, we will need to place a temporary crown over your tooth in the meantime. When your permanent crown is ready we will schedule you back to our Newport office to complete the final steps of treatment. 

Dental crown

Is the Cost of Dental Crown Treatment a Concern? We Can Help

Patients getting a dental crown for health purposes usually qualify for insurance coverage. While your plan may not cover the entire cost, our knowledgeable team will work directly with your provider to maximize your coverage. We can also help when your insurance leaves you with large out-of-pocket costs.

We offer flexible financing if you want to budget your remaining out-of-pocket expenses with a low-interest monthly payment plan. We work with both Quality Dental Plan and CareCredit®. In addition, we offer our own Smile Saver Plan, which offers preventative care and discounts on procedures.

Is Dental Crown Treatment Painful? You Have Nothing To Worry About

It is normal to feel nervous about undergoing dental work. However, when fear causes you to put off treatment, you have a problem.

Fortunately, our practice offers dental sedation. Sedation is administered before your procedure to induce a state of calm and relaxation. Most patients feel a little drowsy, and some even sleep through their appointment.

If you are interested in learning more about sedation dentistry, please contact our Newport, TN, office to inquire about this service or to schedule an appointment with one of our dentists. Patients who are members of our Smile Saver Plan receive free nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for dental procedures.

Sedated patient

"I highly recommend them they are so amazing." More 5-Star Reviews


William Williamson


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Drs Sutton are both very friendly and professional as well as all of their staff. I had the pleasure of working with Melissa as my hygienist and today had some restorative work done by Dr Joseph Sutton and his dental assistant Tammy. They make sure throughout the process that you aren't experiencing any discomfort or pain, and will explain the procedures to you before you have them done. If you need a lot of work done they will help you break it down into smaller sections to ease the financial burden. The Smile Savers Plan is well worth the money.

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stephanie headrick


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I haven’t been to the Dentist in years due to a horrible experience as a child. I seen their ad on Facebook and i clicked on it to view their website, and they talked about how they pride themselves on providing a stress free visit. So I went today for my first appointment and they are all nothing but AMAZING! I seen Dr Joseph and he was patient and kind and I believe her name was Lavonda she was nothing short of an Angel I just absolutely them both. Now I am not so nervous for my next visit. I highly recommend them they are so amazing.

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Are There any Alternatives to Dental Crowns? Learn About Biomimetic Dentistry

While dental crowns are the most effective way to treat many dental concerns, our team strives to provide minimally invasive alternatives when possible. In fact, our Newport dentists are practitioners of biomimetic dentistry, which focuses on treating teeth with more holistic solutions.
Some patients can forgo a root canal and dental crown by receiving biomimetic dental care. 
Newport Family Dental Care

Newport Family Dental Care

The experienced dental team at Newport Family Dental Care provides a wide range of treatments. Our dentists are affiliated with a number of highly respected professional associations, including:

  • Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry
  • American Academy for Oral Systemic Health
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists

We invite you to schedule an appointment at our Newport, TN, dental office, by contacting us online or calling (423) 623-1307

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