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While many teens and adults want straighter teeth, few are excited to wear the metal brackets and wires that come with traditional braces.

Fortunately, Newport Family Dental Care offers ClearCorrect™, a discreet alternative for patients seeking a properly aligned smile.

To find out if ClearCorrect could be right for you, schedule a consultation with our dentists in Newport, TN, today...

Why Newport Loves ClearCorrect

The ClearCorrect system is an excellent option for patients who have avoided traditional orthodontics for aesthetic reasons, because of potential discomfort, or because of the inconvenience of cleaning braces. ClearCorrect offers an array of benefits:

Virtual Invisibility

The clear aligners blend seamlessly with your teeth, and unlike metal braces, no brackets or wires are needed to straighten teeth.


The smooth, BPA-free aligners fit snugly against the teeth, helping to prevent rubbing or irritation. Patients need not worry about cutting lips or gums.


For a special occasion such as a wedding, a party, or a graduation event, you can simply remove the aligners. You can also remove aligners during meals so that you can continue to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks.

Invisible Orthodontics

ClearCorrect is virtually invisible, so most people will not even realize that you are wearing orthodontic aligners.

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Newport Family Dental Care is one of the most advanced dental practices in Newport, TN. Dentists Joseph Sutton, David Sutton, and Hannah Yi are skilled in all forms of dentistry, including laser dentistry, biomimetic dentistry, dental implants, dentures, and more. Of all of our treatments, perhaps the one that patients ask about the most is ClearCorrect orthodontics.

If you are curious about straightening your teeth with clear aligners, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at our office in Newport, TN. You can request a consultation by contacting us online or by giving us a call.

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We welcome patients from Morristown, Sevierville, and surrounding communities.

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Harry Eskritt


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Couldn’t be more happier with the care I received. The staff is professional and friendly. I am having a dental implant; Dr is very talented beyond professional and made this procedure as comfortable as is possible. This place is the best.

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Carol Hoegsted


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I went today to Newport Family Dental Care. Everyone was so nice and caring. I felt comfortable after I met Dr. Joseph and his assistant. Both made me feel comfortable and not nervous. Both explained what is going on, what they are looking at, and how it should be done. Will come back again.

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What to Expect at Your ClearCorrect Consultation

When you visit our office in Newport, TN, and ask about ClearCorrect, our dentists will examine your bite to determine if you are a good candidate for this orthodontic option.

Clear aligners work best for cases of mild to moderate misalignment. If you have very crowded teeth, or if you have a severe malocclusion (misaligned bite), our dentists may recommend that you consider traditional braces instead of ClearCorrect.

Another candidacy factor our dentists will evaluate is your dental health. If you have diseased gums or decayed teeth, we will have to address those issues before proceeding with ClearCorrect treatment.

If our dentists determine that ClearCorrect is a good option for you, they will take impressions of your teeth so they can begin designing your custom treatment plan.

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ClearCorrect Step-by-Step

Creating Aligners

Following your consultation and thorough exam, we will send images of your teeth, as well as bite impressions, to our partner dental lab. There, technicians will custom-make a set of clear, virtually invisible aligners. When your aligners are ready, you can return to our dental office in Newport, TN, and we will provide you with your first set.

Wearing Aligners

Throughout the course of your treatment, you will wear these discreet, removable aligners, switching them out at different phases. As you wear the aligners for the majority of the day, they will apply gentle pressure to your teeth, slowly moving them into the desired position. 

End of Treatment

Within six to 18 months (on average), you will achieve an aligned and well-balanced smile that you will be proud to show off to family and friends.

We welcome patients from Morristown, Sevierville, and surrounding communities.

Why You Should Straighten Your Teeth

When our patients in Newport, TN, ask about orthodontics, they are usually concerned with the cosmetics of their smiles. It's true that straight teeth look nicer than crooked teeth, and patients can enjoy a major boost in confidence after completing treatment. However, there are other reasons to straighten your teeth besides the aesthetic benefits.

First, straight teeth are easier to clean. When your teeth are crooked, it can be difficult for toothbrushes or dental floss to remove the plaque and bacteria between the teeth, which puts your teeth and gums in danger of decay or infection. By straightening your teeth, you can improve your dental health.

Additionally, a misaligned bite can put excessive pressure on the muscles and joints of the face, potentially leading to TMJ issues, chronic headaches, and other problems. Correcting your bite with ClearCorrect will improve the function of your jaw and potentially reduce pain.

Financing Is Available

At our practice in Newport, TN, you don't have to stress about the cost of dentistry. Qualifying patients can take advantage of financing through Quality Dental Plan or CareCredit®. These options enable patients to pay for dental treatments like dentures, dental implants, or ClearCorrect in manageable monthly installments. 

5-Star Reviews


Mitch Buhr


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I have a bit of work that needs done to catch up on years of neglect. I have had four or more appointments and I always leave happy and smiling. Friendly, gentle, fantastic work and professional! 10/10!

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Jolene Gibson


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Newport Family Dental has the most accommodating and friendly staff! Their knowledge is impressive plus the state of the art equipment is like no other. Wouldn't dream of changing dentists!

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ClearCorrect FAQs

Does ClearCorrect really work?

Yes! The clear aligners of ClearCorrect are precisely designed to apply gentle pressure to teeth, moving them into their ideal locations.

Will I need a retainer after treatment?

Teeth are always trying to shift, so our dentists in Newport, TN, do recommend you wear some kind of retainer to maintain your results after treatment on an ongoing basis.

Can I drink coffee with ClearCorrect?

You can eat and drink whatever you want during ClearCorrect treatment. However, before drinking coffee or any other liquid that isn't clear water, you should remove your aligners. 

Newport Family Dental Care

Newport Family Dental Care

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