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Comfortably Achieve a Straighter Smile with the Discreet ClearCorrect™ System

Dr. David Sutton and his team offer ClearCorrect™ in Newport, TN, as a discreet alternative to traditional metal braces. This virtually invisible treatment allows patients to achieve a beautiful, straight smile with advanced, comfortable treatment.

Teeth that are crooked, misaligned, or crowded can negatively impact your self-confidence, ability to speak, and ability to clean your teeth. While many people understand that straight teeth can positively impact their quality of life, they avoid orthodontic treatment because they don't want to have to wear the metal brackets and wires that come with traditional braces. Fortunately, we offer a subtle yet transformative alternative for patients seeking a more balanced smile.

Image of ClearCorrect dental aligner
ClearCorrect™ is virtually invisible, so most people will not even realize that you are wearing orthodontic aligners.

How Does ClearCorrect™ Work?

Following a consultation and thorough exam, we will send images of your teeth, as well as bite impressions, to our partner lab. There, technicians will custom-make a set of clear, virtually invisible aligners. When your aligners are ready, you can come in to pick them up and we will provide you with your first set.

Throughout the course of your treatment, you will wear these discreet, removable aligners, switching them out at different phases. As you wear the aligners for the majority of the day, they will apply gentle pressure to your teeth, slowly moving them into the desired position. With proper use, as directed by your doctor, you will gradually achieve an aligned and well-balanced smile that you will be proud to show off to family and friends.

This virtually invisible treatment allows patients to achieve a beautiful, straight smile with advanced, comfortable treatment.

Why Is ClearCorrect™ the Ultimate Solution?

The ClearCorrect™ system offers an excellent solution for patients that have avoided traditional braces for aesthetic reasons, because of potential discomfort, or because of the inconvenience of cleaning braces. ClearCorrect™ offers an array of benefits:

  • Virtual Invisibility: The clear aligners blend seamlessly with your teeth, and unlike metal braces, no brackets or wires are needed to straighten teeth.
  • Comfort: The smooth, BPA-free aligners fit snugly against the teeth, helping to prevent rubbing or irritation. Patients need not worry about cutting lips or gums.
  • Convenience: For a special occasion such as a wedding, a party, or a graduation event, you can simply remove the aligners. You can also remove aligners during meals so that you can continue to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Cleaning and maintaining aligners is simple because of the ease with which they may be removed. Because of the ease of cleaning, the potential for decay and cavities is also reduced.

A Straighter Smile Equals a Healthier Life

Crooked and crowded teeth not only affect the aesthetics of a smile, they can also lead to more complex and serious health issues. Crooked teeth may place unwanted pressure on the gums, leading to tooth loss, periodontal disease, and eventually bone atrophy and a weakening of facial structures.

If you have a smile that could benefit from straighter teeth and improved alignment, please contact our office today to set up a consultation with one of our doctors.