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CEREC® Delivers Stunning Restorations in a Single Visit

Tooth Restorations with CEREC® in Newport and East Tennessee

CEREC® has been used by dentists around the globe since 1987 to replace fillings and also restore teeth with crowns and bridges that may be broken, decayed, lost, or damaged. The process involves restoring the teeth with all ceramic materials that are the same color as the surrounding teeth. The restoration is completed in a single visit, allowing us to restore damaged teeth without the long wait time associated with traditional crown and bridge procedures in Newport and East Tennessee!   

Dr. David Sutton can create your crown with CEREC® at his Newport, TN, office within a few hours, using a metal-free milling process. These are custom-made crowns that restore the strength and beauty of the tooth structure. 

CEREC® Dental Crown in Newport and East Tennessee

The CEREC® Procedure

Very few people are free of tooth decay or fillings. Even though fillings can be made of metal materials, these can weaken the teeth over time and areas around the filling can develop further tooth decay. In many cases, metal fillings need to be replaced. CEREC® is now used by thousands of dentists around the world to achieve strong, natural-looking tooth restorations. CEREC® is an acronym for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics. The process can restore teeth that have been subjected to tooth decay, become weak, or broken to a healthy state. The procedure is completed with all ceramic tooth-colored materials in a single visit.

Exam and Preparation

Dr. Sutton will examine the tooth and determine whether you need a filling or a full crown. He will administer anesthetic to prepare the tooth for the CEREC® restoration and remove any tooth decay or weakened structure. 

Optical Impression

Dr. Sutton will take an optical impression of the tooth by coating it with a nontoxic powder and then taking a digital picture of the tooth. This process only takes a couple of minutes.

No Temporaries!

The CEREC® 3D software program converts the digital picture to a 3D virtual model. At this stage, Dr. Sutton can capture restoration design data which is sent to the milling machine. An all ceramic, tooth-colored restoration is created within 20 minutes and can be bonded in place immediately. Dr. Sutton may need to adjust your bite to ensure proper alignment, and the restoration is polished and bonded to the prepared tooth. 

CEREC® restorations are a highly aesthetic, natural looking method for repairing teeth that are decayed, fractured, or damaged in some manner. For more information about receiving a dental crown in Newport and East Tennessee with CEREC®, or to find out how to manage tooth decay, set up your appointment with Dr. Sutton today!